Inspiredby a real legendary figure, Hua Mulan’s philosophy.
“Take charge of your own destiny. No one else should bein control of your life. It's up to you, so live it!”




Mulan is a trading game built on Ethereum that enables the spirit of decentralisefairness by using trustless token swaps, meaning all transactions are executedfrom smart contracts without the need for an intermediary or trusted party.This decentralised approach to swapping tokens has proven popular with ERC20token holders to exchange their tokens and provide liquidity to token pairs.

Different from ICO, Mulan ensures EQUAL Advantage FULL Transparency

Official Smart Contract Address

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Total Supply: 1,000,000 Mulan Tokens ($MULAN)

How Uniswap V2 Works

Mulanis operated by UniSwap V2 Oracle, the price changes if the market conditionsare correct, which is handled by the Oracle. This makes Mulan truly adecentralized game.

Eachpair of tokens has its own pool initialised via the Factory contract, andinitial deposits are made to the pool in order to provide liquidity.Theexchange rate of the token is calculated based on the supply and demand of twotokens in the pool, with what is termed the constant product formula. With theconstant product formula, token values in a particular pair are calculatedbased on supply and demand, where the value moves along a curve of the formula:

Exchangerates are automated based on the simple formula: x * y = k. Thecorresponding curve represents all possible token values, and each token pairwill have their own curve that will regulate the current state of theirexchange rates.

If B Token is in huge demand andquantities dry up then the price will increase exponentially, and move up theleft side of the curve as a result. If on the other hand B Token has ample supply and nodemand relative to A Token, the price will level out on theright side of the curve. Note that this supply-demand balance is based relativeto A Token, so the same B Token paired with different A Tokens will represent separatequantities and price ratios.

As aresult of these mechanics, Uniswap (and other decentralised exchanges relyingon the constant product formula) rely on arbitrage trades to keep the value ofthe token in line with the rest of the market. Essentially, these protocolsstill require an external trading ecosystem to keep token values in check.Exchange rates of each token pair will constantly be updated to match themarket prices — and this provides a huge opportunity for traders.


Mulan consist of understanding market dynamics on supply & demand which ensuresthe constant engagement of Mulan holders in full control in trading without therisk of the founder and team from dumping their tokens to the market.

Mulan remains a trustless, decentralised game that lives on the Ethereum blockchainthat cannot be tampered with unless the fundamental Ethereum protocol issuccessfully attacked. This has not happened to date and will unlikely happenwith the amount of miners and validators currently in operation.